The Multicultural Certificate

The Multicultural Certificate is offered by the College of Arts and Science at the University of Missouri to any undergraduate student at Mizzou. Students earning the certificate will become familiar with multicultural and diversity issues in an individualized course of study.

Applying for the MCC is a straightforward process. While the Certificate is meant to be a highly individualized program, our office is here to help you make the most of your course choices! Taking the time to plan out your course of study with a peer advisor will help you make the most of your academic experience. If you have questions about the Certificate, you can contact us at any time.

Here’s how to apply for the Multicultural Certificate:

1. Review MCC requirements
2. Look through our list of approved courses
3. Fill out an MCC application form
4. Come to our office in 58 McReynolds Hall during our office hours

After familiarizing yourself with what’s required to earn the MCC, the next step is to look through our list of approved courses in order to plan your course of study. You may find that courses you’ve already taken for your major, minor, or other requirements already count toward the certificate!

Next, fill out an MCC application form. You may either enter your information and courses electronically before printing or print a blank application and fill in your information by hand.

Finally, come to our office in 58 McReynolds Hall during our office hours – we’ll go over your application form together. One of our peer advisors will check over your requirements and help you finalize the application process. Bring your completed application with you!

Please contact us with any questions about the certificate, application process, courses, or our office.