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Spring 2019

Welcome back students Our hours again for this semester are from 8am to 5pm Monday – Friday We have our rewriting realities competition going on now! Go to the tab on the menu bar for more information. Date to get…

About MCC

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We are student run certificate that celebrates the taking of course here at the University of Missouri that explore the cultures in our world. Those being other countries’ cultures or those cultures present in our lives. We want to acknowledge those students that have achieved this further education during their time at Mizzou. To how to apply, go to the application part of the menu at the top of the page. The requirements needed are next to that as well. Our location and office hours are at the bottom of the page along with our email and phone number. If you need any help, come on by to our offices.

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Extended deadline for rewriting realities!

We are extending the deadline of rewriting realities to March 11th, so get your stuff in and let us know your story!…

Jared Day and Malory Huck

Learning Culture

In 2007, two students graduated with the Multicultural Certificate. Last spring 1,068 students earned the certificate. The growth of the certificate has come under the watch of psychological sciences professor Etti Naveh-Benjamin, who began directing Mizzou’s Multicultural Certificate Program 10 years ago.

Dr. Etti Naveh-Benjamin

Call Me Etti

Professor Naveh-Benjamin takes mentoring personally.