Rewriting Realities IV

Standing at Your Crossroads

Rewriting Realities: Exploring identity through creative expression

Rewriting Realities is about sharing life experiences and perspectives through creative expression.

This year we want to know: What are your crossroads?

What are the intersections of your identity? What groups or cultures shape your identity? What personal influences have defined who you are? Where do you feel most comfortable?

Tell us through poetry, essays, prose, paintings, drawings, graphic art or videos. Tell us your way.

There are no stylistic constraints in any category because we want to see you — your perspectives, your ideas and your thoughts.

Winners will be selected in three categories: literature, visual art and digital storytelling. Each first place winner will be awarded $300, second place receive $200 and third place will receive $100.

Entries are due Feb. 17 and we will announce the winners in April. Submit your work to, through our website,, or to our office in McReynolds 373.

Questions? Email us at or call 573-882-1117.