What is an academic certificate?

A certificate is somewhat like a minor. However, there are some key differences: while a minor requires 15 hours of study from one department, the hours that count towards a certificate can be from multiple departments on campus. Certificates also tend to be more lenient about “double-dipping,” or using classes that are being counted towards other majors or minors. You can view all available degrees, majors, minors, emphasis areas, and certificates on the University Registrar’s complete list.

Will the MCC show up on my transcript?

Yes, the MCC will be listed near your minors as “Multicultural Certificate.” Any other academic certificates you earn will appear in the same location.

When will I get my certificate?

Your physical certificate will be sent to you along with your diploma after graduation.

Can a graduate student earn the Multicultural Certificate?

No, the Multicultural Certificate is only available to current University of Missouri undergraduates because it must be awarded at the same time as a bachelor’s degree per University of Missouri rules.

Can a student from another university earn the certificate?

No, the Multicultural Certificate is only available to undergraduates receiving a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri.

Can a student who has already graduated earn the certificate?

No, the Multicultural Certificate is only available to current University of Missouri undergraduates.

When do I have to turn in my application?

You can turn in your application at any point during your time here at MU, even if you have not yet completed all the requirements. We will hold on to your form for you and periodically prompt you to update us with any new classes you may want to add.
Once you have completed all the requirements and we are in the semester in which you graduate, you will come pick up your approved form from us and turn it in to the Arts and Science advising office for final validation.

The final deadline to turn in your application to A&S is the last Friday of finals week of the semester you graduate. However, we strongly strongly urge you to come pick it up beforehand – our office gets very busy the last weeks of the semester. Ultimately it is your responsibility to come pick up your approved form and turn it into A&S, we will not do it for you. Even if you have met all the requirements, you will not earn the certificate unless you complete this final step.

What if I’ve taken a class that deals with multicultural issues but isn’t listed on the course list?

Submit your course via our course approval form! We have a review process in which classes are evaluated for their multicultural content, approved based on that content, and added to the course list. This is how our list of approved courses grows.

What if my question still hasn’t been answered?!

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.