Russian Studies

RUSS 2310 Between Heaven and Earth: Russian Civilization
RUSS 2320 The Arts of Survival: Civilization in Soviet Times
RUSS 2865 The Art of Soviet and Russian Cinema

RUSS 3130 Intermediate Russian
RUSS 3160 Intermediate Conversation and Composition
RUSS 3380 Sinners, Saints and Madmen: 19th Century Russian Literature
RUSS 3390 True Fictions: Russian Prose since 1900
RUSS 3630 Russian Classics I
RUSS 3640 Russian Classics II
RUSS 3890 Russian and Soviet Cinema (Cross-listed as Film Studies 3890)
RUSS/GERMAN 4005/FRENCH 4004 Topics in Russian-Humanities

RUSS 4160 Advanced Russian Conversation
RUSS 4420 Russian Poetry
RUSS 4430 Russian Drama
RUSS 4435 Russian Prose
RUSS 4550 Nabokov’s Russian Fiction
RUSS 4820 Blogging the World: The Web in Cultural Context