Religious Studies

REL_ST 1100 Introduction to Religion
REL_ST 1100H Introduction to Religion – Honors

REL_ST 2420 Jewish Ethics
REL_ST 2100 Indigenous Religions
REL_ST 2100H Indigenous Religions – Honors
REL_ST 2110 Religions of the World
REL_ST 2110H Religions of the World – Honors
REL_ST 2220 Death and Dying in the Western World
REL_ST 2230 Religion and Popular Culture in America
REL_ST 2240 Harry Potter, Magic, and Religion
REL_ST 2270 Religion and Literature
REL_ST 2500 Introduction to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and its World
REL_ST 2310 Religions of China and Japan
REL_ST 2420 Jewish Ethics
REL_ST 2510 Introduction to the New Testament and its World
REL_ST 2939 Religion and Human Sexuality
REL_ST 2630 History of Christian Traditions
REL_ST 2700 Islam
REL_ST 2910 Religion and Contemporary Social Issues

REL_ST 3100 Religious Literacy for the Public and Professions
REL_ST 3200 Hinduism
REL_ST 3220 Tibetan Buddhism
REL_ST 3230 Buddhism and Environmental Ethics
REL_ST 3240 Buddhism of South and Southeast Asia
REL_ST 3250 Buddhism in East Asia
REL_ST 3260 Hindu Goddesses
REL_ST 3270 Yoga and Meditation in a Modern World
REL_ST 3350 Monsters in Western Religion and Folklore
REL_ST 3350W Monsters in Western Religion and Folklore – Writing Intensive
REL_ST 3360 Cults and New Religious Movements
REL_ST 3380 Native American Religions
REL_ST 3451 Religion in Science Fiction
REL_ST 3451W Religion in Science Fiction – Writing intensive
REL_ST 3455 Robots and Religion: Reflection on Self, Soul, and Humanity
REL_ST 3710 Reality of God
REL_ST 3760 Geography of the World’s religions
REL_ST 3740 Religion and Film

REL_ST 4001 Topics in Religious Studies
REL_ST 4100W Advanced Theories and Methods – Writing Intensive
REL_ST 4110 Religious Myth and Ritual
REL_ST 4150 Religion, Spirituality, and the Brain
REL_ST 4210 African-American Religion
REL_ST 4320 Introduction to Daoism
REL_ST 4380 Anthropological Theories of Religions
REL_ST 4750: Women, Religion and Culture