Peace Studies

PEA_ST 1050 Introduction to Peace Studies
PEA_ST 1120 Population and Environment
PEA_ST 1150 The Amish Community

PEA_ST 2000 Exploration in Social and Economic Justice
PEA_ST 2100 The Vietnam and Iraq Wars: Lessons for the Future
PEA_ST 2200 Nuclear Weapons: Environmental, Health and Social Effects
PEA_ST 2255 Youth, Islam, and Global Cultures
PEA_ST 2280 Race, Democracy and Violence in Cuba and Haiti

PEA_ST 3005 Topics in Peace Studies – Humanities
PEA_ST 3140 The Art of War and Peace
PEA_ST 3230H: Terrorism and Conflict Resolution – Honors
PEA_ST 3400 Politics of the Media
PEA_ST 3401 Global Health
PEA_ST 3496 Digital Indigenous Studies
PEA_ST 3510 Think Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital Technologies
PEA_ST 3520 Collective Behavior
PEA_ST 3521 Group Decision Making Processes
PEA_ST 3600 Criminology
PEA_ST 3610 Ireland, 1100s to 1850

PEA_ST 4005 Topics in Peace Studies: Humanities
PEA_ST 4230 Women, Development, and Globalization
PEA_ST 4240 Theory and Practice of Theatre of the Oppressed
PEA_ST 4410 Politics and War
PEA_ST 4520 Political Sociology
PEA_ST 4550 Gender and Human Rights in Cross-Cultural Perspective
PEA_ST 4810: Case Studies in an Inter/Multicultural World