HIST 1410 African American History
HIST 1500 Foundations of Western Civilization
HIST 1520 The Ancient World
HIST 1800 History of Modern Africa
HIST 1840 Colonial Latin America
HIST 1850 Latin America Since Independence
HIST 1861 History of Modern India

HIST 2220 America in the 1960s
HIST 2400 Social History of U.S. Women
HIST 2410 African American Women in History
HIST 2430 History of American Religion
HIST 2530 Ukrainian History from Medieval to Modern Times

HIST 3200 Black Freedom Movement, 1955-1973
HIST 3210 History of Religion in Post-Civil War America
HIST 3220 U.S. Women’s Political History, 1800-Present
HIST 3510 The Ancient Greek World
HIST 3520 The Roman World
HIST 3530 The Hellenistic World from Alexander to Rome
HIST 3570 European Women in the 19th Century
HIST 3580 Modern Italy 1815-Present
HIST 3590 Early Middle Ages
HIST 3610 Ireland, 1100s to 1850
HIST 3611 Ireland, 1850-1923
HIST 3850 Islam and the West
HIST 3860 History of Mexico
HIST 3870 Social Revolution in Latin America

HIST 4030 History of the Old South
HIST 4070 Indians and Europeans in Early America
HIST 4220 U.S. Society Between Wars 1918-1945
HIST 4230 Our Times: United States since 1945
HIST 4240 History of the New South
HIST 4250 U.S. Foreign Relations, 1898-1945
HIST 4260 The Age of Ascendancy: U.S. Foreign Relations, 1945-present
HIST 4270 African Americans in the Twentieth Century
HIST 4280 America in the Reagan Years
HIST 4310 Adoption, Child Welfare and the Family, 1850-Present
HIST 4415 African Americans and Nineteenth-Century American Justice
HIST 4440 History of the American Environment
HIST 4530 The Roman Empire
HIST 4540 The Later Roman Empire
HIST 4550 Age of Vikings
HIST 4630 The Renaissance
HIST 4650 Revolutionary France 1789-1815
HIST 4700 Imperial Russia, 1682-1825
HIST 4840 History of the Mongols
HIST 4867 North Korean History: History, Political Economy, Culture
HIST 4870 Southeast Asia Since the 18th Century
HIST 4880 Chinese Migration: From Yellow Peril to Model Minority
HIST 4970 Undergraduate Seminar in Third World History