French Studies

FRENCH 2160 Intermediate French Composition and Conversation
FRENCH 2310 French Civilization
FRENCH 2320 French Literature and Thought in English I
FRENCH 2330 French Literature in Translation II
FRENCH 2350 New World Francophone Literature in Translation

FRENCH 3160 Advanced French Composition and Conversation
FRENCH 3180 Foundations of French Civilization
FRENCH 3280 Commercial French
FRENCH 3410 Intro to Literary analysis
FRENCH 3420 Introduction to French Literature I
FRENCH 3430 Introduction to French Literature II
FRENCH 3440 Francophone Literature of North America
FRENCH 3710 Survey of Minority & Creole Languages of the U.S. & the Caribbean

FRENCH 4070 Intensive Beginning French
FRENCH 4410 French Medieval Literature
FRENCH 4420 French Renaissance
FRENCH 4440 Eighteenth Century French Literature
FRENCH 4460 Twentieth Century French Novel
FRENCH 4470 Introduction to Contemporary French Theatre
FRENCH 4710 History of the French Language
FRENCH 4820 Blogging the World: the Web in Cultural Context
FRENCH 4993 The Capstone Experience in French