ANTHRO 1000 Introduction to Anthropology: Human Biology, Prehistory, and Culture
ANTHRO 1150 Introduction to Folklore Genres
ANTHRO 1300 Multiculturalism: An Introduction
ANTHRO 1350 Deviance: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

ANTHRO 2030 Cultural Anthropology
ANTHRO 2030W Cultural Anthropology – Writing Intensive
ANTHRO 2100 Indigenous Religions
ANTHRO 2100H Indigenous Religions – Honors
ANTHRO 2020 Fundamentals of Archaeology with Laboratory
ANTHRO 2021 Fundamentals of Archaeology
ANTHRO 2340 Hunters and Gatherers
ANTHRO 2950 Research Skills in Anthropology

ANTHRO 3001 Topics in Anthropology – General
ANTHRO 3380 Native American Religions
ANTHRO 3470 Culture as Communication
ANTHRO 3560 Plagues and Peoples
ANTHRO 3560W Plagues and Peoples – Writing Intensive
ANTHRO 3600 North American Indian Culture
ANTHRO 3780 Cultures of Southeast Asia

ANTHRO 4150 Special Themes in Folklore
ANTHRO 4300 Comparative Social Organization
ANTHRO 4340 Cultural Evolution and Change
ANTHRO 4360 Medical Anthropology
ANTHRO 4370 Anthropology of Gender
ANTHRO 4380 Anthropological Theories of Religion
ANTHRO 4412 Gender, Language, and Communication
ANTHRO 4540 Human Biological Variation
ANTHRO 4600 Ethnographic Studies of Selected Cultures
ANTHRO 4620 North American Archaeology
ANTHRO 4640 Prehistory of the Greater Southwest
ANTHRO 4650 Prehistory of Mesoamerica
ANTHRO 4680 Cultures and Peoples of the Amazon
ANTHRO 4790 Culture and Society in South Asia
ANTHRO 4880 Demographic Anthropology