About the staff

The Multicultural Certificate Program is maintained by a dedicated group of University of Missouri students under the direction of professor Etti Naveh-Benjamin. (further information on Etti)


Salah Daghlas

Salah is a Biochemistry major from Columbia, Missouri. Some call him a townie, others call him “SalsaT.” He enjoys doing impressions, playing soccer, and biking on the MKT Trail.


Sarah Kellogg

Sarah is from Chesterfield, Missouri and studies Radio Reporting at the Missouri School of Journalism. When she isn’t reading news articles or on Twitter, Sarah enjoys listening to podcasts, watching Veep, and going to Ragtag Cinema in downtown Columbia. She also loves theater and is always planning what show she’s going to see next, whether it’s in Columbia, St. Louis or even New York. And yes, she has seen Hamilton.


Abby Smith

From Chesterfield, Missouri, Abby is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Math and Theater. She loves animals, adventures and cuddling up with her cat, Mango, to binge watch obscure Nicolas Cage movies.



What are the MCC student staff’s responsibilities?

Students’ roles on the MCC staff include the roles of Ambassadors and Peer Advisors.

Ambassadors visit classes throughout the semester to inform students about the Multicultural Certificate, while Peer Advisors work in the MCC office to help prospective MCC grads plan their course of study, answer any questions that students may have, process application forms, and more.

Want to get in touch with us?

We have a contact page with a quick-contact submission form for that!

Want to come work with us?

We are currently in need of Ambassadors. Please contact Etti Naveh-Benjamin if interested!