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We have a new and improved application process!

For students who qualify academically as Juniors or Seniors (over 60 credit hours completed):
Once you’ve identified courses from our list of approved courses which correspond to courses you’ve already taken or plan to take, please come visit our office in M128 Student Success Center to print a degree audit and get it approved by one of our advisors. If you’re not sure if a course counts, come visit us and we can help you!

You can also run your degree audit at home using the following instructions. Once complete, you can bring that copy into our office and we’ll process it for you:
save some time before coming into our office by running and printing your degree audit at home! It only takes a few minutes. Follow the instructions below (we recommend using Chrome):

1. Go to the following website:
2. Click on Click here under Students
3. Login in using the same username and password you use to log on to Canvas
4. Click on Select a Different Program (NOT Run Default Programs Listed)
5. Double check to make sure the Catalog Year is the first semester you attended Mizzou
6. Use the drop down list for Academic Unit to find Arts & Sci and the drop down list for Degree Program to find Multicultural Studies (Certificate)
7. Next to the Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page click on the click to view available options
8. View output as PDF (NOT HTML) (Also do not click on any of the boxes underneath “View output as PDF”)
9. Click Run Different Program
10. Click Open Audit (Note: it may take awhile for this button to appear)
11. Print your audit
12. Bring your audit into our office in m128 Student Success Center so we can sign it and give you further instructions

For students who qualify academically as Freshman or Sophomores (under 60 credit hours completed):
Please fill out this MCC Interest Form:

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any point in your application process.